Eastleigh Live Blog- Midnight Update

The count is now 2 hours old, and a picture is starting to emerge. It seems that the Liberal Democrats will hold the seat- what is less clear is who will come second. There is plenty of talk around that UKIP are going to do it and edge out the Tories, but no-one seems quite ready to make a definite call yet. 

In any case, the result will definitely be worth staying up for- the vote figures will provide plenty of potential analysis- and we will also find out who has taken 5th place.

I have a lot of posts that I want to make regarding the impact of the result- but I feel it is probably better to wait for the figures to come in, rather than writing a 1000 word article on how it’s a disaster for the Conservatives to come third, only for them to pip UKIP at the last minute…

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